Banca Dati 'Giulio Rospigliosi' indice

soggetti/spettacolo/Glasgow 1992/4



Giulio Rospigliosi, Pope Clement IX - Alan Caig
An Irish cleric - Paul Featherstone

Baltasara, an actress - Janis Kelly
Beatrice, an actress - Tinuke Olafimihan
Rodrico, cavalier and lover of Beatrice - Stuart Patterson
Alvero, cavalier and lover of Baltasara - Francesc Garrigosa
Biscotto, an actor - Alan Watt
Lisa, an actress - Eleanor Bennett
The Devil - Henry Herford

Spectators, Members of the troupe, Devils, Angels:
Ann Archibald, Jennifer Bern, Clare Bovill, Gavin Cuthbertson,
Jane Elders, Richard Good, Dennis Haggerty, Geraint Hylton

Members of the troupe, Devils, Angels:
Il Ballarino (Florence), director Andrea Francalanci:
Marco Bendoni, Bruna Gondoni, Arnaud Loison,
Monica Miglioli, Marina Nordera, Romina Pidone

Orange sellers:
Lieven Baert, Eric Jorissen, Tina Plisch, Chris Vandoren

Characters in the play of Clorinda in Act I:
Vittoria - Tinuke Olafimihan
Aladino, Saracen King of Jerusalem - Henry Herford
Ismeno, The King's counsellor and wizard - Geraint Hylton
Christian soldiers - Alan Watt, Eleanor Bennett
Clorinda, a Saracen warrior - Janis Kelly
Hircano, a Saracen captain - Gavin Cuthbertson
A squad of Saracen soldiers - Richard Good, Dennis Haggerty, Geraint Hylton, Il Ballarino
Sentry on the walls of Jerusalem - Dennis Haggerty

Harpsichords - John Kitchen, David McGuinness
Theorbo, Guitar - William Carter
Chitarrone - Lynda Sayce
Cello - Marjorie Rycroft
Violone - Warwick Edwards

Obbligati Instruments:
Violins - Lucy Russell, Gregory Squire
Violin/Viola - Ken Mitchell

Trumpets - lain Muirhead, Christopher Dicken, Robert Baxter
Timpani - Alan Emslie

Producer - Kate Brown
Musical Direction - Warwick Edwards
Choreographer - Andrea Francalanci
Designer - Louise Belson
Lighting - Ace McCarron
Assistant Producer - Alan Caig

Performing materials prepared from the original score and libretti in the Vatican Library by Warwick Edwards

Production Manager - Dennis Charles
Stage Manager - Pam Strachan
Deputy Stage Manager - Dougie Wilson
Assistant Stage Manager - Andrew Ogilvie
Lighting Assistant - Katie Birrell

Hair and Make-up by Mary Robson

Set constructed by R. J. Batchelor & Co Ltd
Tree constructed by Karen Wood
Set painted by Andy Greenfield
Musical score typeset by Evelyn Stell
Translation of libretto prepared by John C. Barnes
Language coach - Arabella Infantino

For Tramway:
Neil Wallace Programme Director, Rhona CampbeH PA to Programme Director, Christine McLean Manager,
Christabel Mathieson Front of House Manager, Nicola White and John Clark Visual Arts Officers,
Valerie Edmond Project Co-ordinator, John Dodds Press and Publicity Officer, Lisa Ratcliff Secretary/WP
Operator, Duncan Malcolm Head of Production, Ken Hunter Stage Manager, Paul Sorley Chief Electrician,
George Craig and Fred Muslem Boilermen, David Campbell and Paddy Donaghy Box Office.

Jennifer Bern, Jane Elders, Richard Good and Dennis Haggerty
appear by arrangement with the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama

La Baltasara logo designed by Martin James McGuire

Scottish Early Music Consort wishes to thank the following for their generous assistance:

Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana, Prefetto Father Leonard E. Boyle O.P.; Bradford Playhouse, Angela Curtiss; Bristol Old Vic Theatre; John Brown Caterhire; Brunton Theatre; Citizens' Theatre; Cochrane Theatre; Crocket the Ironmongers; Edinburgh Amateur Armoury; Edinburgh International Festival; Edinburgh Theatre Workshop; Glasgow University; Hullaballoo Theatre Company; Opera North; Parks and Recreation Department Glasgow City Council; Perth Repertory Theatre; Pitlochry Festival Theatre; Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama; Safeway Stores plc; Scottish Ballet

and especially
Scottish Opera


  Kate Brown directs Henry Herford (Demonio) in rehearsal, La Baltasara.